“Liminality is the Start of Spirituality” -KPB

“God creates Universes. Humans create religions. The two have nothing to do with each other.” -KPB

“The purpose of religion is to keep people broken. A broken person can exorcise no power and is easily manipulated or controlled.” -KPB

“Spirituality is when you have “Sex” with the Universe.” -KPB

“All gods are merely accumulated ignorance.” -KPB

“The only difference between a ghost and a statue of a ghost.. is the Higgs Boson” -KPB

“As far as projection — it’s the “Universe” which finds what it seeks, and “we humans” are part of the mechanism for that.” – KPB

A “friend” who wishes to be helpful, always talks past the human being… as the human being is not the student. -KPB

“The purpose of mysticism is to embrace death, not flee from it; by embracing death you conqueror it”.  – Mrs. KPB

“I love heathens…they yearn for truth and beauty instead of heaven.” -KPB

It’s a group decision to be terminally stupid. -KPB

The “fall” happened, because we got stuck in one mode of thinking; spirituality is the attempt to fix that error. -KPB

“Words lose their corruptive power once you no longer need them.” -KPB

“If you use words sparingly then each word becomes magical.” -KPB

“Suffering is the scaffolding which holds up reality.” – KPB