My name actually is Kevin, but Pretty Bear was grandma’s name. Consider it my nom de
plume if you like, but it’s as close as real as I can get without just posting my ‘real identity’,
whatever that is, all over the very nosy world wide web.

My grandma really was a Lakota Sioux Medicine woman and that makes me 1/4 Lakota
Sioux in this case. From time to time I’ve been “sort of a shaman”, when events have
forced me into it, but it has never really ‘took hold’ all the way.

In my past I did 7 years as a nuclear engine room supervisor and 25 years as a computer
guy. I’ve also owned a successful small business for 14 years now, but that’s just a side

I’ve seen much of the world and done a lot of crazy things in my life, but now since I’m
in my 50’s and settled down with a wonderful wife, I’ve gotten to be a real homebody.
Rather than live further adventures, I may just write up some semi-tall tales and ride
off into a peaceful sunset (well maybe; life does what it wants to do).

The ‘Osmonds’ may have been a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll, and I’m
a fair bit science and technology and an equal dollop of the paranormal (and as it turns
out as they appear to be one and the same thing, a fair dollop of ‘UFO’ researcher).

I really try to be rational in this very irrational world, where humans are dong their very
best to destroy all life on the planet (they are the cause of the 6th great mess extinction,
the Anthropocene) and apparently are also trying to flee to other planets and destroy
them too. I hope sincerely that never happens. I wouldn’t want ‘us’, the “wise of the wise’
(Homo Sapiens Sapiens) to spill out and ravage other innocent worlds.

I wish you very well, and hope to at least entertain you.

Your host,

Kevin Pretty Bear



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