Who I’d like to speak wtih… and who I’d prefer not to speak with

This chasing after metaphysics and “UFOs” has a tendency to make
one mentally unstable. The more you push, the more mentally unstable
you become, unless you gain a maturity that’s hard to find in this world
in general and especially in this field.

I’m not interested in speaking with self-appointed and self-annointed
Kundalini saints, master magicians, teachers of the divine wisdom,
UFO cult leaders, etc.

The better mystical traditions spend years teaching one not to
swell up your sense of self; but followers of those type of healthier
traditions are in short supply. In the West at least.

The people that I’d enjoy speaking with, would be able to write
a college-level essay without too many mistakes, have novel
things to say (not just recycled Ancient Aliens and/or Theosophy)
and not be “off their rocker”.

If you fall into that criteria and wish to drop me an email, I might
respond. If I do, I will be friendly.. 😉

My first name is Kevin, and I am the owner of this domain, which
does forward email to me.

Thanks for understanding