I don’t “don’t believe in much” and I’m very skeptical about most things, but after nearly 55 years, this is the list of 5 crazy wood things in which I believe:

1) 99.99999999% (or some such) of the sentient life in the Universe exists in the form of coherent energy civilizations, and we humans are at best a “hybrid” of organic creature and one of these species. What others might call a “tulpa” or “soul” I call a “cold dark plasma symbiote” or something of that nature.

2) That one or more of these species have shared the Earth with us from the very beginning.. they in fact probably evolved FROM US; they needed a proper environment to evolve within.. (us) just like single cells probably needed a crystaline marix near a deep ocean “smoker” in order to evolve. I believe this to my toes.. The “angels/demons/djinn” etc. (metaphors) did not come first, they came second—that’s why they lie about coming first–their little egos can’t take it.

3) I believe in strong temporary “EM”-like manifestations like poltergeists, “deities” such as the “Christian deity”, etc. but they were created by the belief of humans, and if humans stop believing in them, they die out.

4) That UFO’s are a modern mythos in the forming, but are the same old cold,dark,symbiotic plasma creatures from way back.. except when they are: deception, misinformation, misidentification.

5) I do “believe in” a “frog/lizard/with feathers” thing that has been named “space imp” by others, that may be the first species which evolved in our Universe and they are little stinker butts who cause a lot of trouble. “Shaman” have seen them for a very long time.. call them “spirits”. But they may be post technological singularity creatures who just happen to inhabit the inhabited part of the Universe (not the mostly empty physical universe).

Kevin Pretty Bear