from the “golden age”

“This question of why the quality of reports seems to be less now than in the “golden” age…its permanently on my mind. I’ve examined many different theories.

My first theory was that the lessening was proportional to the cell phone adoption curve.

Sure…could be…but hard to prove…

Another theory is simply that the quality of the human imagination has either decreased, or that the human imagination has become controlled…

Which leads me to my latest favorite theory…

“Chariots of the Gods” was published in 1968 and that nonsense has captured the imagination of many.

If the aliens are ancient…how does that affect the human imagination?

Well if nothing else…they won’t be simple metal disks from the planet venus…

(Like “Golden Age” sightings).

On the subject of Venus and what not…most people don’t realize that it was Blavatsky and Theosophy which started all this aliens (“Ascended Masters”) coming from local planets and from Sirius, etc.

I’d say that the Ancient Alien memes have finally conquered the early Theosophy Memes.

One might also note, that good quality sightings have faded with the decrease in certain kinds of occult new age practices. (Also hard to correlate i know).

But i suspect that the major reasons for the decrease of quality incidents is mainly UFO phenomenon all filter through the human mind in one way or another.