(The end must be near.. now I’m talking about myself in the 3rd person!)

“I loved (love) Star Trek SO much. Always have. It helped form my personality even.. Spock you know helped me survive the beatings i got when little.

I’d love for us to live in the Star Trek universe, where humans are evolved and kind.. having left behind money and greed entirely.

But unfortunately, it’s not (from what I know) true.

It’s far more likely that we are (mostly) just “hardware” for the billion year-old computer virus, which has infected us.

It has total control of our senses.. so when it/we (there is a bit of a symbiosis) want to see a UFO or other “paranormal event”, then we do. The Phenomenon executes within our hardware platform (our 7 billion analog brains) and we don’t know it, because we are blocked out of the proof of that, as we cannot control our own senses… that and the fact it executes in a place that we aren’t looking.

This is why mysticism goes hand in hand with “UFOs” and “the paranormal”. Some people see beyond the edges of the controls a little bit.

Don’t be surprised if you see a regurgitated form of this post in someone’s book (not mine). I’ve noticed that some of my posts are being used by others without my consent.

Or disregard what I said.. it’s all the same to me. Be happy.

But there is no happiness to be found within UFOlogy or the study of mysticism/the occult/spirituality/religion.. unless your capacity for self-delusion is nearly infinite.