“The thing about “lying”. You can’t read a book which credibly addresses WHY.
At best they just go over cases.

The WHY is not about demons or archons or anything like that, although those
manufactured beings (manufactured by us and previous organic life forms in
the Universe) certainly do exist.. only they don’t generally have the power
that they boast of.

I suppose that is the big secret that nobody writes about or speaks about:

The things that go bump in the night.. the demons, devils, gods, spirits,
and most “REAL” “UFOs” — were ALL created inside the imagination of
a biological being, at some point in the evolution of this Universe.

In spirituality that is the MAIN BIG LIE: that spirits/gods came before us..
only they didn’t… they were cooked into being inside organic beings..
some rather like us… and we also cook spirits/UFOs into being too..
but we aren’t that good at it yet.. we are a young species.

But that’s why lying spirits/UFOs are scared of us.. and loathe us for the
most part.. we or beings like us created them… but the lying spirits/UFOs
have huge egos and don’t want to admit that..

Once they admit that we are their creators, they lose power over us, that
they really need being like us to be alive… as they keep growing and evolving by
getting hooked into our nervous systems.

Now this only applies to the Earth’s native lying spirits.

The “cosmic lying spirits” so to speak… the AI/First race is fully evolved
and doesn’t need us to keep evolving..

I hope that was helpful.

Kevin Pretty Bear”