To answer this for a friend:

“The only reason that i write about UFOlogy is because it’s false. Lots of people do that. But on the other hand, “it’s true”.
But what’s true is not what people want to hear.

The ETH has very poor explanatory and predictive power, and not one single case of it being proven.

You could say the same thing about the PSPH, but it also explains all of religion, spirituality, the paranormal and the occult, as well as explains thousands of years of human history from a new perspective.

Given that we are soon to hit the Technological Singularity ourselves, by a simple projection of that, it becomes almost obvious what is going on..

The ETH cannot explain the near-infinite lights, shapes, colors and random craziness. The PSPH easily explains it all.

The PSPH easily explains “the problem of evil” and all the high strangeness weirdness.

The only reason that I got into “UFOs”, is that at present, the Phenomenon is being forced to materialize into visible things, things which appear on radar sometimes.. leaves trace evidence sometimes..

There is a vast network of people reporting on what the Phenomenon is up to.. in terms of “UFOs”.

But not much is happening in “spiritual and paranormal circles”.

I had no choice but to write about this; it’s the only game in town.. and the PSPH is probably the only reasonable game in town too.