“Now i understand that some UFO researchers are of the opinion that there are nuts and bolts UFOs out there, and they wish to either take pictures of them or to debunk them (or both). Or prove that they are black project craft or whatever..

I’m not addressing the shutterbug debunkers much in this thread, as I freely admit that there are no “UFOs” in that sense.

But so many people desperately want to believe in UFOs for psychological, spiritual and religious reasons, to salve their savaged sense of self.

I understand that need. Now, I don’t do things that way.. I don’t give a flying flip fone about the spiritual and religious delusions that people have.. other than the fact that it generates so much pain and destruction.

But I understand there is a need for replacement.. and of course that need has driven people to worship aliens and UFOs; has in fact created these “UFOs” in a manner of speaking, with this power of worship.

So I always feel “cheesy” discussing so much psychological/spiritual/metaphysical theory in a UFO forum..

but that’s what “UFOs” (other than simple misidentifications) ARE.

Hynek had it right.. there are no UFOs. There are only reports of UFOs.
(thumbs up to Kandinsky in an old thread).

That is the phenomenon to study.