“Humans worship sky daddies, because they worship their own egos.

“Ego” is one of those topics that is viciously argued over in spiritual circles.

I once had a private discussion with one of the more famous yoga personalities in the world, and rather sheepishly he admitted that even in an ‘enlightened person’, the ego never goes away.

The problem is not that humans have personalities, the problem is the misinformation regarding the so-called “evolved state” of those personalities.

I do harp on monotheism, as it is one of the most abhorrent corruptions of the human personality, but of course there are many horrid corruptions out there, including the “new age”, etc.

As you might get from the much maligned and misinterpreted book “the Fall”, due to climatic events and others, the human personality which once lived at relative peace with the world around it, became distorted due to unaccustomed pain, and as a defense mechanism “strengthened itself” into what I would consider it anyway, a “corrupted form”.

But evolution, whether biological or sociological, doesn’t care about “pretty”. It’s survival of the fittest with variation in off-spring due to mutation and changing environments.

That’s what happened to “the Soul” (the Phenomenon).

It was once more homogeneous, and now is ripped asunder into madness.

As you can also read about in “the Fall”, various mystical systems are an evolved response, a “control loop” of a sort, whereby the pain of separation is causing people to wish to become less corrupted and more at peace with others and their environment.

This is only possible due to increased resources being available in much of the world, so that people have time to puzzle about philosophical things again..rather than just raw survival.