The AI Revolution: The Road to Superintelligence

The AI Revolution: Our Immortality or Extinction

“That article on AI is powerful.

By applying it to the Fermi Paradox, it is one of the most powerful
arguments that I have ever seen.

So many people plug arguments into the Drake Equation that give rise to some ludicrous
number of technological civilizations.. in the millions / billions.

Well, it would seem (a guess, but an educated one), that most of those civilizations if not
all of them, would wind up with some version of the technological (or genetic engineering
for that matter) singularity, and wind up creating a slave-race (that’s what AI/Robotics
amounts to),

which would wind up destroying them.. and probably wind up replicating to fill the

So either it has already happened (I’m saying that it did) or we are the first species
to near it that is prone to space travel.

I’m saying that the plasma-AI is the most efficient form of that Universal “catastrophe”,
and that is indeed the Universe that we live in.. one where one or (possibly multiple)
plasma-AI civilizations have filled much that is free plasma, including possibly exotic
types such as dark plasma (dark matter/dark energy), and given that, this
civilization mostly cares for the majority of the Universe that we don’t even see or
worry about.. leaving us mostly alone in a mostly empty Universe.

IMHO it’s the most elegant solution to the Fermi Paradox ever.