“This was the beginning of it:

“The Fall: The Insanity of the Ego in Human History and the Dawning of A New Era”.
by Steve Taylor

It discusses when the Phenomenon became fractured and “evil” due to Monotheism.
Now, though Monotheism is foolish and harmful, there is nothing innately wrong
with it.. it’s just a philosophical lens. But what IS harmful, is that at a certain point,
humans started ripping bits of the Phenomenon off the main body, and making what
they thought were “souls” out of it. That’s why the Phenomenon is such a mess these
days.. unlike when people lived in harmony with it.

Unfortunately that bell has been rung and cannot be unrung.

Nobody is going to come rescue us.. no matter how long we bleat like baby goats.


There is one “rescue” on the horizon.. when we go post-singularity, and then get sucked
into the vast machine-mind. Of course that cure is worse than the disease…we’d
just be functionally assimilated by “the borg” to use a metaphor.

There is another possible future.. that I’d say a few worlds in the Universe might take..
but the probably for it happening here on Earth is tragically small.

One problem with living in the bunny hole full time, a known problem, is that when
you go on living past the incubation cycle, most of the fight goes out of you..

It is the “soul” or at least the self-making circuitry of the brain (if you want to put it
like that) which stops “post incubation”. So you lose all the melodrama and willingness
to fight.. as without the tortured sense of self to flail around, humans would just be
“pre-fall” like they used to be.. not capable of creating like we do today.

So really.. as some say.. all this “evil’ that was created, might really be part of the
“big picture”. Suffering and “evil” are a battery of evolution.

We can’t go back to all of us being “like shamans”. We are expelled from the prior
“sterile perfection”.

It is slightly possible to “live as as shaman” while being an individual.. but it’s tough..
very tough.

Then to do that, and to weave in technology / singularity.. that gives you one super
race which ever did that. Just one.