“I normally don’t talk about this piece.. but since it’s your favorite type of topic:

I can tell you with certainty, having experienced the Phenomenon itself,
that the ancient arts of “Kundalini” / Tantra / Hermeticism / Alchemy
and much of the rest, when properly performed, have nothing to do with
anything “mystical” per se.. but are intended to cause an inner transformation
of the human nervous system and brain, via a mechanism of neural plasticity
an other mechanisms, due to the presence of “plasma light” as you said..

and the ensuing result, is a continuing evolutionary process, for both the
organic host, and the “plasma light”, which is also transformed.

This is meaning of life stuff, which only those who undergo the process
could possibly understand.

Now.. is all this “by design” or is it rather like an occasional “cargo cult”
accident, this interaction?

I can’t say.