Way solid. A Universe-worth more solid than the ETH.

“I’d like to dispel some confusion about the PSPH in particular and to a lesser extent IDH type theories.

The source of the confusion revolves around available power and the amount of solidity available.

When you first start talking about these seemingly insubstantial phenomenon…you see a lot of evidence that “It’s all in the head”.

Or something like Will-o-the wisps (mythology) are involved, or something like the Hessalden lights.

But if there is apparently “real substance” involved, then it could not possibly be this metaphtsical mumbo jumbo, right?


Now if the Post-Singularity Plasma hypothesis is true, the “first advanced race” literally has access to most of the energy output of the entire Universe.

They could materialize an Extra planet Earth and not even feel it.

Of course could and would are two vastly different things.

But lets not go there. Lets stick with a very humble example.

Lets say there was some sort of very intelligent energy critter with access to 2.2 kilograms of mass energy equivalent.

If it could convert even 5% of that into something nasty…thats equivalent to a Hiroshima nuke.

And thats just using known physics and our relatively low intelligence.

So in closing….

Respect the “willo-wisp”.

There is no reason to be delusional about the
ETH being required in ANY case.

Now an ETH visitation is a possibility…in the future..but there is zero evidence to insist that it has happened even once.