“I don’t want a fanboy.

I’m also fine with any and all disagreement. Sometimes I find value in it; most times I don’t.

I wouldn’t stop your investigative process for anything. I see my younger self in you.. and
I needed to go my own way too. That’s a good thing.

It’s not even my nature to post all these details. I’m only doing it because a few people
(especially you) want to hear it, so that you can disagree.

Everyone has a sense of self, that the world has dumped into them, that they mistake
for having significant free will. This sense of self always wants to build a perceptual
framework to make sense of things.

So I watch people on ATS experience this process.. that’s why I can’t be bothered
by it in any way.

You could say that the same happens to me.. and yes.. that is true.

Only I observe it knowingly.

That observing knowingly is the major source of our limited free will.

You still think that there are enemies to fight, and a specific person
to be.

That’s fine.

It’s just a phase.

You’ll get over it eventually.