It is really very simple.

Now i posted this elsewhere:

“To be seen and experienced but never identified is one of the major points; as once the Phenomenon is absolutely identified, Religion, Spirituality, UFOlogy and other psyops will come crashing down—and nobody wants that, least of all the billions of humans who participate of their own free will.”

Now at the risk of trying to understand the mind of a 1 billion I.Q. machine intelligence which has been at this for 10 billion years or so…

On the surface at least it seems pretty simple.

If the religious folks knew that they were being deceived by the Phenomenon, they would stop worshipping it.

The spiritual folks would stop chasing after their “higher self”.

The occultists would stop seeking power from It.

The UFOlogists would stop trying to take pictures of It.

Etc. Etc.

The trouble is…nobody wants It for what it really is. Faeries won’t reveal their true names..nor demons..of course once you know what It is, or at a minimum what it isn’t, then the deception is over, for that one person at least. Then God and demons and higher selves and faeries and UFOs stop existing. And that is bad for business for most everyone.

Kevin Pretty Bear