“They don’t actually need us.

That’s obvious.. we are close to destroying all life on Earth.

The Anthropocene

You have to think like immortal, star-travelling without ships, energy critters
to make sense of that.

There is actually very little pressure to reproduce.. in this theory they already
fill the entire Universe, at least as much as they want to.

They can innately simulate anything inside of themselves.

In my view, Earth is simply “Retro”. How quaint. Look at “it all happening again”.

If indeed there is a “3 laws of robotics” or other moral code involved, then “they” would of necessity need to watch us drive ourselves extinct.

Of course there might be a few rebels who try to bend the rules.

I’m saying that we are just primitive organic lifeforms, early in the process of co-evolving with a primitive native energy life form, in a Universe which was completely colonized billions of years ago, by super-intelligent sentient information/energy matrices.