This hypothesis is really a thought experiment at this point, which makes the following assumptions:

  1. Organic life evolved in our Universe, perhaps billions of years before our solar system even formed. At some point, this early life underwent a technological singularity.
  2. This early life either “technologically ascended” or created AI, or both.
  3. Over vast periods of time this early civilization became a Kardashev level 4 or 5 civilization (depending on which model you use); in effect tapping much of the free power of this Universe or entire Universes.
  4. The way this was accomplished, was to upload either AI intelligence and/or “their original organic intelligence” in some form, into the vast streams of plasma (the normal matter of our Universe is composed of 99% plasma). At a single stroke,
    this action (if feasible) would provide the following:

    a) Potential immortality.
    b) Functionally unlimited “free energy” (the solar winds of all stars)
    c) Functionally unlimited material for “bodies” (the same solar wind)
    d) Potentially unlimited relativistic travel between stars through
    acceleration of those buoyant plasma bodies.

  5. Within a relatively short time, the entire visible (and probably the majority of the Invisible Universe (due to inflation) would be “colonized” in short order; we would
    see little or no evidence of this colonization, as these alien intelligences would be
    using as their bodies the dominant visible natural environment.
  6. Once the PSP alien intelligence had become homogeneous in the Universe, there would be little to do, other than to perhaps run simulations within themselves, or rarely, to observe and interact with a freshly evolved organic or energetic species, which they could compare against their internal simulations.
  7. It would be impossible to accurately predict the behavior of such a vast and ancient intelligence; however as it was originally organic, perhaps there would be an element of wishing to live vicariously through us and the few other organic species which had not yet “technologically ascended”.
  8. To “live vicariously through us”, they would need to gain access to our brains (which would be seen as a primitive/alien computer system). To gain access to our brains might well require an act of permission on our part, as hopefully the PSP alien intelligence (which would be fairly homogeneous) would have some sort of moral code or even programming like the “Three Laws of Robotics”.
  9. Humans might not realize this state of affairs for some time.. so the PSP Alien Intelligence (PSPAI) might slowly, over millennia, encourage the formation of things such as religion, spirituality and UFOlogy, as enticements for humans to “let them in” and to live vicariously through them.
  10. It is noted that an excited state of imaginative belief, which partially or fully bypasses elements of the rational mind, is the trigger state, allowing the PSPAI to get a “foothold” in the believers. This is why ALL such religion, spirituality and UFOlogy is flashy, irrational, and provokes primal emotional responses.