This is a great paper: BASIC PATTERNS IN UFO OBSERVATIONS Claude Poher* and Jacques Vallee**

Typically, the number of type-I reports is very low during the day. It starts increasing about 5 p.m. and reaches a maximum about 9 p.m. It then decreases until it reaches a minimum at 1 a.m. It rises again to a secondary maximum at 3 a.m. and returns to a low level at 6 a.m. Such a pattern suggests that the decrease in reports of close encounters between 11 p.m. and 2 a.m. may simply be due to the fact that the number of potential observers falls drastically as most people spend these hours at home.

Now many conclusions can be drawn from the data.. but I think that it’s fair to say, in short, that the Phenomenon seems to be photophobic. The Phenomenon comes out after sunset and flees before sunrise. Now there does seem to be a little overlap in some cases.

People often say to me, “Kev, if your theory is about an energy critter/culture then they should LIKE the sun and other sources of energy”.

This is a valid question.

It’s probably the same as with humans. Sure, I like the sun somewhat (frankly as part of my autism I’m easily overstimulated). But I don’t like getting sunburned either.

As I’ve posted earlier, we need to carefully consider that a living, sentient energy matrix would certainly like energy sources to keep itself replenished. But it could certainly be delicate.. when you’ve got an organic body, a little sunburn is not a big deal. But when you don’t have a strong physical body, a little sunburn might equate to terminal brain cancer for an energy critter.

This one thought, in my view, explains much of the mystery.

If these little blobs of sentient information/energy actually exist (I think that they do.. but this is a THEORY and all), then avoiding the sun might make a lot of sense. Living underground or underwater might make a lot of sense. And on occasion “possessing humans” would also provide shielding and other benefits.

If you look back at mythology, all this “stuff” seems to live in shielded enclaves.. faerie mounds.. caves.. “the underworld”.. nearly everything is underground or shielded. Coincidence? Not likely.

Now sure, there are stories about “air Sylphs”. And theories that some of this stuff might live in the upper atmosphere or in outer space. (I’m the one theorizing about outer space).

In that case, there would need to be additional shielding..

So when we see flying saucers or what not.. that would be “materialized metal shielding”.

As stated earlier, we have never ONCE seen real engines or technological components, despite all the misinformation out there about “crashed craft”.

When we see anything that looks/feels solid.. it is almost certainly just simple “shielding”. Nothing else makes any sense given the years of sightings and data.

There are the stories about simple alloys of metal falling out of the sky.. this would fit the model too.. when the shielding is no longer needed, maybe it’s just discarded. A native energy critter would probably feel no need to lug the stuff around if it could just be materialized when needed. I know that I wouldn’t want to lug around a radiation suit if i didn’t have to.