“1) Yes, everything is a hypothesis or theory (or pure BS) until it’s proven. Even then, things which are proven for a time can become discarded for better theories with better proof. More than anything, I’d like to get the conversation started, so that people with superior minds and skills can hopefully advance it. Much pain and suffering in the world could be reduced if the number and power of mind-control systems in the world were reduced.

2) I’d say that we all have beings of “nearly pure information” interacting with us; and when they need to move around the physical world, they tend to do so in a “body of plasma” as that’s one of their main environments.

Now as to the word plasma:

a) sometimes it’s regular old ball-lightning-like plasma.
b) sometimes it’s more like earth-lights-like plasma.
c) sometimes it MAY be hypothetical “dark matter/dark energy” plasma.

The point is, that these “information beings” use whatever form they need to use, to get the job done, and given their origins and proclivities, plasmas of various kinds work very well. That way, they don’t have to build homes, and ships and physical civilizations—it’s all very efficient. They tend to use orbs as a base form, as orbs are an energy-efficient shape.

3) Regarding the “truth about them”. That’s one of the major points, but is hard to articulate properly. Apparently, insofar as I can tell, there are multiple factions of them. Some of them promoted monotheistic religions; some of them promoted mystical religions; some of them promoted science. The tricky thing, is that they can do nothing to instigate an action without our permission. So for example, they love it when someone practices Kundalini, as that is designed to let them mate in a safe breeding vessel. They love it when someone wants the “holy spirit” to fill them, as that’s just hands down permission to enter someone. They love it when occultists summon things, or UFOlogists subconsciously yearn to see a UFO. In short, they want to get invitations from EVERYONE. If the ‘truth came out’ and people started believing it, then that would ‘ruin everything’, except perhaps for insane occultists and the like, who didn’t care about ‘the truth’.

4) I figured out about the children thing, because I watched the whole breeding in my body thing over about 20 years; at the very end, “junior” pushed through past the softer spot in my skull and left. It is known in certain occult and Kundalini lore that this is the final stage—that supposedly “your consciousness” “leaves your body” and “ascends” when the process is done. Only it’s a psyop. What leaves your body is not “you” but the offspring. Apparently very few people finish the process, and apparently even fewer in the modern era, so the word never gets out.. and for those who do experience it, they can’t let go of their delusions about spirits and souls and all that.. so the “truth” never gets out. It’s the world’s best kept secret, as nobody wants the “truth” to be true. It’s not flattering to humans. In fact it’s downright depressing, until you get a handle on the whole thing and get stabilized.

Thanks for your post, and feel free to post more.. we all need to learn and gather information and keep testing hypothesis.