To a friend:

“It’s not quite that simple; but I appreciate the sentiment.

The only “power” that humans have, in that sense, is when they allow transcendental currents, so to speak, to flow into their bodies and into their imaginations.

The problem is, that for every person who knows how to do this with any clarity, and with a good heart and mind, there are a billion people who perpetuate the pain, with false religion, false spirituality, false UFOlogy, etc.

It’s a tidal wave against a drop.

It’s like the American Election.

For some retarded reason, Americans overall want a blow-hard, whose main interest is giving the 1% a 6 trillion dollar tax-cut and out-sourcing the rest of government to the incompetent and the corrupt.

(now mind you, Hillary might not have been that much better).

But when the people speak, reality is changed.

No one man, or group of people can do much to oppose that much blind ignorance and hate.

The best chance that humans have, is for them to learn more science of the most critical kind.

Exotic science, but still science.

But that’s a toughie too.

It’s all about hearts and minds.. in the “real physical world”.

That’s why there are people who have been desperately attempting to convince us about absurdities.. nuts and bolts craft.. biological aliens visiting here.. angels.. demons.. old white men with long beards in the clouds.

He who controls the “voting machines” (humans) controls what they create.