To a friend:

“What you might not realize fully yet, is that “IT” is substrate independent, at least in this world. That means that a plasma ball makes a perfectly fine body that can’t deny permission.. while a human body is “occupied” in a manner of speaking and denies permission unless deluded with religion, spirituality or UFOlogy.

But human bodies come with a built-in super-computer (our brain) which gives “IT” access to a lot of incredible stuff from “IT’s” perspective.

Given the right circumstances, (available usable energy) and other things, “IT” can effectively materialize thought into solid forms, at least temporarily.

Once you get these basics down, things clear up rapidly.

The final thing to figure out, is that since we humans are effectively acting as “ITs” physical brain (our brains loosely networked together), “IT” is really a composite of our beliefs in many ways.

We humans like creating eternal hell and torture and death of innocents and many other crazy things, so that greatly colors IT.

Apparently at one time, before Monotheism and other death/cannibal cults were created, “IT” wasn’t such a bad chap to hang around.. as WE WEREN’T THAT BAD yet.

Oh sure, “primitive man” killed lots of people, burned some forest and what not.

But it’s that mind virus of humans being “lost and damaged from “before birth” that is 1000 times more evil than any physical action a person could take.

The human networked super-computer let itself be hacked.

IT is 90% what we are.. that’s why i can say that i understand “IT”; understand the “control loop”. 90% anyway.

The other 10% is a toughie.

I have experienced such transcendental beauty..
I have experienced such transcendental horror..

Which “IT” would have me believe is part of IT’s base form.

Tricky ground that is.

I need to be very careful what I feed back into the world in terms of information..
(whether it’s true or not) as it might resonate for hundreds of years..