Note: this post is out of order.. it came earlier in my stream of consciousness.. but
it’s very significant IMHO, so it’s posted.

(really bothered me more than anything)

I have discussed it in some detail in various posts.. but the most significant portions are generally dog-piled with dissent (which is fine.. dissent can be good).. but the salient points seem to get covered over and don’t “gain wings” in other/ongoing discussions. (seems to be what happens with most UFO discussions).

When I first noticed the Black Triangle UFO, one of the first things I noticed was the rivets. Rivets. How strange. The “craft” was coming from the East, barely visible on the horizon, yet I could see rivets. The “craft” followed it’s flight path to the West Horizon, without making a sound, while shape-changing into 3 different forms.. and doing other bizarre things, including (apparently) responding to my thoughts (it dipped down so I could see the top, to ensure I could see there were no external engine or wing parts on top, bottom or any of the 3 sides).. but I could see those ridiculous rivets all the way until it disappeared on the West Horizon, as if it was right in my face under a magnifying glass.

Now that doesn’t work with the laws of physics in terms of distance/perspective. Well it would in only one case.

It only works if the “craft” was a complete schizoid break with reality, or had been partially or fully “projected into my mind”.

I have other indications to support this hypothesis (the projection part.. no indication of schizoid breaks that I am aware of).

It would seem, that whether or not there actually is a physical component some where.. whether or not these UAP are from some other dimension, or are composed of plasma or are holographic or whatever.. I can say with fairly good confidence,
that they SEEM to use human beings, (the human mind—just talking organically here.. no need for mysticism) as the

“last part of the circuit” — whether just perceptual or quantum who knows what.

So that really explains nearly everything… why there area billion different appearances and characteristics when it comes to “UFOs”.

If the last part of the “circuit” is the human mind.. then of course it will always be colored differently nearly every time….just like it is.. no wonder it can break all the laws of physics and never leave evidence (unless it wants to).

Yes, I am speaking as if it’s alive.. as even if “IT” isn’t.. by the time it’s run through the human mind, “IT” does seemingly or does become an “IT” (as in a living thing).

Well there you go.

WE are in fact (apparently) a BIG PART of the “control loop”, as we are the final part of the “circuit”.

And since Humans are insane apes, with toxic imaginations, it’s no wonder that things are the way that they are in the field of UFOlogy and related “paranormal” and “religious” fields..

as I’d say that we are part of the “final circuit” for all of those areas.