Like any collection of disinformation, there’s often bits of accurate observations.

The “phenomenon’s” behavior is actually less inscrutable than one might think.

The Phenomenon (when that’s what’s being encountered not just simple misidentification) is not some “Loosh farmer”

[ex]For those of you who have read it Monroe more or less states that the human race is the design product of a more advanced alien species which uses our planet as a garden to harvest “Loosh”, where the human species is regarded as the prime and most productive farm animal. Jurgen Ziewe – Robert Monroe and the Loosh harvesters…. | Facebook[/ex]

That whole “Loosh thing” is nearly all disinformation.

But what the Phenomenon seems to want (in my 55 years of experience anyway) is access to a certain part of our analog computers (brains). To get that access, it has to shut off parts of our rational mind. That’s why the Phenomenon encourages us to get lost in religion and spirituality (and especially meditation).

[religion and spirituality (and now ufology) are a form a neurological “humaniforming” (terraforming) in a manner of speaking. Our brains are a “habitat” for the Phenomenon]

Now, not everyone is prone to religion and spirituality. So the Phenomenon also puts on these little “stage shows” which produces the same effect on us.. you see.. the Phenomenon doesn’t care if it has to be “good” or “evil” or whether it has to appear as a “faerie” or a “demon” or an “angel” OR A UFO.

Whatever it appears as, it wants to really scare OR impress us.. some sort of major emotional response.. so that’s why it appears as RIDICULOUS stuff.. all the blinky lights… as HUGE impressive monolith stuff… it knows how to poke and prod us (and here is the key) to get a WILLING INVITATION in our brains.. to our emotional and imaginative nature..

It just want to live through us.. to use our brains.. and we’ve always let it in.. one way or another.

1/2 of human history is due to this (unknown) symbiotic co-evolution.