The Universe was here before we were, for untold billions of years.
The Universe will be here after we are gone, for untold billions of years.
Everything runs just fine without us!
Everything runs just fine with us!
Nothing comes screeching to a halt if the word “god” is not used.

The people who have their heads filled with “god” are those who cannot
accept reality just as it is, straight up.

The first person who invented the god concept was almost certainly a
very fearful and hateful person, who needed a big “sky daddy” to kill
his enemies for him, and to protect him from his fear.

The “god concept” is mostly a weapon, used to hurt others.

If the true intent of the person who goes on about “god” were to help
others, to be loving.. no concepts are required to do that.. not even
a sense of self.

Once “god” is invented, and more specifically one person’s or one
groups’ god concept is invented, then there is “some ultimate thing”
to fight over..

and if one group doesn’t accept another groups’ “god concept”, then
the very core of what gives (false) stability and comfort is discarded,
which is an “act of war”.

The word “god” nearly always leads to strife and suffering.

Erase that hateful word, and much of the strife and suffering in the world
goes away.

“Souls” are actually an “ok” concept, but once you tag on “immortal” or more
commonly the potential for “immortal”, then that’s a back door way to
bring your god-weapon into the discussion.. as only a ‘god’ could keep a
soul immortal.. as if that ‘god’ didn’t want your soul to be immortal, then
it wouldn’t be.

So likewise, as with the word ‘god’, ‘immortal soul’ needs to be erased from
the world, as it is a massive source of pain and suffering.

If nothing, including “souls” and “gods” is immortal, then there is nothing to
separate us.

Then we all become regular humans, who suffer or do not suffer, depending on
whether we have food and shelter and emotional bonds (we are social animals).

The “Universe” is functionally “god”, but does not need us to delude ourselves
and kill others for it to exist. It is quite sturdy and not petty and fearful.

Kevin Pretty Bear