This is a response to this question I wrote:

“Most certainly.

A couple of notes:

If by “ghosts” you are meaning “souls”, then as you no doubt know, the concept of “immortal souls” is only about 2400 years old or so; before that, “souls” (ghosts) were generally considered to decay into nothing, or almost nothing (such as Greek “shades’).

This whole preoccupation with “god”, as a super being who might keep you from decaying away, is a quite recent one in terms of human history.

The concept is of course quite potent these days, as if some religion can convince you there is a way to avoid soul decay, by sucking up to their religion, then “they” effectively own your brain. I can’t imagine anything more evil to do to a person, to twist them into such a frightful belief system and lock in their suffering for much or all of a lifetime; thus wasting what precious life they may have otherwise had.

“God” is the single cruelest concept ever invented by a human in my view.

The reason for this is the “boundary of awareness dilemma”.

It’s impossible to know what you don’t know, whether you are a worm or a “god”.

It’s impossible to absolutely know if “god” exists, or even what the “ultimate rules” are, if any.

Once you learn 1 new thing, your entire understanding and perceptual boundaries are modified and you can see further and know more.

Even “god” couldn’t know whether or not they were “god”. If some being thought they were “god”, based upon say the ability to snap one’s metaphysical fingers to create or destroy Universes (or Multiverses) and to perceive all within and without to the best of their ability..

Still such a being might discover that they were just a cell in a larger Life.. and in fact quite puny.

It’s the problem of infinite regression.. it’s impossible to know where the ultimate boundaries are.. you can only know your PERSONAL boundaries.

So it is foolish even for “god” to believe in “god”.

But presumably temporary “ghosts” or “souls”?

Sure. Why not?

Anything can be postulated to exist in a temporary or limited sense.

So ghosts or souls? Sure.


Well that’s not rational, even for “god”.

That’s my take.”

Kevin Pretty Bear

PS: I have no problem calling “Everything” “God”. But in my view,
completely unsubstantiated of course, such a Being would not be
some “cosmic asshole”, as they too would suspect that they were
not the “Ultimate God” and would in fact be quite humble.