It’s possible that at some point “energy beings” no longer need ANY contact with organic critters and can evolve and thrive without “us”.

I’m saying that’s how it started way back..

Are there hyper-evolved beings which need nothing to do with any type of organics? Almost certainly.

Look at Earth.

Proto single cell life is like 4 billion years old.
Multicellular life is like 3 billion years old.

It’s anybody’s guess how long it took (if it did.. it’s a hypothesis) for “engergy species” to
evolve.. I’m presuming quite a bit later.. perhaps in the time of dinosaurs.. as I’m postulating quite a lot of neural complexity being required to help foster such a jump in evolution.

Now of course, one could postulate that the Universe is full of “energy species” which evolved from the first complex organic life, billions of years ago.

Then, as per the Fermi Paradox, these “energy species” radiated out and populated much of the known Universe.

However I’d say, that if a planet already had “precursor organics”, that such “galactic/universal scale” “energy species” would leave such a planet alone.. to let their “primitive energy cousins” continue co-evolving with “gods/founders (us)”.

Now we make really pathetic “gods” and “founders” … not even knowing what we are, nor our place in the Universe. But that’s besides the point.

We are effectively quarantined from the intelligent species of the Universe (the “energy enclaves”) in my very hypothetical observation.

Kevin Pretty Bear