“Woo” is hungry for life.. so if we ignore it, it acts up like an attention-seeking child,
until someone let’s their barriers down enough for the woo to get an anchor through
a person (as humans are natural woo energy generators and computers specialized
in processing woo energy—like transformers).

Then, if other factors are aligned, you get either a UFO wave, or a poltergeist
nexus, or a visitation of the virgin mary, or whatever trips the trigger of the
“portal human”. The woo doesn’t seem to care.. there are various factions of
woo..considering where woo comes from, this is the most natural thing
in the world.

Most people don’t know how to “relax into being a portal”, as it takes hard to
come by “mystical training”, which is not actually mystical at all, but simple
physiology and physics.

As humans have become more uptight, mentally ill, and disconnected from
“the land”, they have become literally too tense to perform their natural
function of channeling the woo.

It’s downright sad, that modern humans can only bond with the land, by
fantasizing that other beings, from other lands (outer space) are
behind all this. I’ts quite the insult to the land. But the land will take any
opportunity to flow through humans like it once did naturally with most
every human alive.

Kevin Pretty Bear