People talk about the “Golden Age of UFOs”. While there is no official timeline, I think it’s safe to say that the beginning would have been sometime after 1946 (Starting with George Adamski), and ending at the latest with the Belgian UFO wave in 1989-1990.
So 1946-1990 is what I will go with, although some of the most interesting events happened earlier, just to list two of them:

1965 Kecksburg UFO Incident
1979 Robert Taylor UFO Incident

Now many people argue that the “Golden Age” of UFOs never ended; that in fact there are more UFO sightings now than ever before. Well I will grant you that there is a social hysteria about “UFOs” these days, fueled by social engineering and such shows as “Ancient Aliens”, and enormous quantities of hoaxed Youtube videos and the like. But pointing at pinpoints of light in the sky, chinese lanterns an the like, do not compare to the incidents of the “Golden Age”, where physical evidence was common, and people (apparently) interacted with some really solid and in-their-faces stuff.

Well I agree that the “Golden Age of “UFOs”” has ended, and I have a theory as to why.

Starting the Formation of a Theory

It all started when I began to notice that my “spiritual awareness” if you want to put it that way, seemed to have varied tremendously over my 54 years of life, and in major part seemed to be related to where I was living!

Now I’m not going to argue about “spiritual awareness” in this post; let’s just hypothesize that there is indeed some sort of so-called “woo”, based on the laws of physics, that does occur, for some people, at some times. I know this is a hotly contested topic, and I myself “disbelieve” in a great deal of this kind of talk. But I’ve seen too much to throw ALL of baby out with the bathwater, which is why I write on this topic.

So my contention is that it’s the adoption of cell-phone towers and other EMF fields, which  interfere with these latent abilities.

Before I go into my own personal experience a bit, let’s examine the adoption rate of
cell phones; here is one reference:

Cell Phone Adoption Curve

You’ll notice that just when cell phones were starting to take off, was when the “golden age” was dying.

So why cell phones? I’m saying that the EMF from cell phones and other electromagnetic radiation interferes with the “woo ability” to “see/interact with” (at least) “high strangeness “UFOs””

I’ve tracked my own “woo ability” during my life, and it went like this:

1961 – 1981
Lived in rural Minnesota before cell phones were invented or were just coming into use.
Had crazy woo.

1982 – 1990
Was in the Navy. In the belly of steel warships I had lots of woo.

1991 – 2005
Lived in various places.. woo was at varying levels. Amazingly I never carried a
cell phone during these years, so I have no idea how many bars of coverage
that existed where I lived. However it was obvious to me, that my “woo” was at
maximum when I was visiting in remote places, such as woods and mountains.

2006 – 2013
I lived in a house which was in a “cell phone black hole”. For whatever reason
I had to walk several blocks away from my home in any direction, to get even
one bar of reception from any carrier. Inside my home itself I got zero bars
reception. It was while living in this home that I attempted to “summon” a “UFO”,
as it was my theory that there really was not such a thing as “UFOs” in the nuts
and bolts sense, that it was purely a “paranormal phenomenon”. To my great
surprise a “Black Triangle UFO” did show up; the first “UFO” I had ever seen
in my life. It was not a point of light in the sky; it was right in my face. Huge and
impressive and undeniable: not to mention the fact “It” shape-shifted and talked
to me among other things.

2014 – 2016
I moved and bought a home with great cell-phone coverage. I experience very
little “woo”.

Now I know that’s not ‘scientific’ but I’m just noticing the pattern and accumulating evidence.

Now here are a couple  links about Faraday Cages, which are used to block out most
types of EMF, including cell phone bands:


The ESP Enigma – Faraday Cage Reference

There are many links on sightings from the “Classic Age of UFOs”. There are many links
on the subject of Faraday Cages, and their reputed effects on “Psychic Ability”; I’m just
writing this introductory post to get my creative juices flowing and the conversation

Concluding Thoughts
Have you ever wondered why “UFOs” tend to “land” and “appear” to people out in the
middle of nowhere? Well maybe now you know. (Curse you AT&T and Verizon for
your great cell-phone coverage!).

Have you ever wondered why some of the most remote places on the planet have had
the most amazing “UFO” incidents? Such as Colores Brazil? Well maybe now you

Do I still think that “UFOs” are purely a matter of “paranormal events” such
as psychokinesis and mental illusions in concert? Well these elements certainly
seem to be major components of the very best “high strangeness” “UFO”
encounters. I”m not saying that there are not other factors or explanations..
I am merely putting forward a possible correlation.