In my view, all manner of parapsychological phenomenon are much more prevalent in distant places, due to there being less EMF as in the previous
post. However other factors may also apply:

Perhaps certain brain waves in humans make them more prone to experiencing things such as “high strangeness UFOs” and other para-psychological phenomenon.

“Mystics” are often accused of having Epilepsy or at least TLE (Temporal Lobe
Epilepsy or other micro-seizures) in their brains. Maybe such people ARE more
prone to “sensing things”, some of which might actually be there.

For example, a smell of burning rubber, sulphur or other unusual
smells are often present at “high strangeness UFO events”. This

can be a symptom of epilepsy as mentioned in the following link:

Smelling smells that are not there

Is interesting to me.

I’ve been looking for the data.. I’ll post it when I find it.. but we all
know that prescription drug use has skyrocketed in the modern
era; including psychoactive drugs for kids with ADD and other
“issues”. I’m wondering if so many people being drugged up,
is also part of the mental suppression, that is keeping people
from being sensitive to their “woo side”, which I’m theorizing
is what let’s them encounter “classic UFOs”.

Kevin Pretty Bear