For any budding “UFO Prophets” or anyone else who wants to jump down the bunny hole with UFO’s and try to crack the mystery, I’d recommend keeping three things in mind:

1) Government and human deception are RIFE as we all know. Just when you think you’ve found some ‘truth’ you are still probably bumping up against this.

2) Self-deception is RIFE. We all deceive ourselves, even the most hardened skeptic.

3) if you managed to doge deceptions 1) and 2) and you actually DID come into contact with “the phenomenon” then you have to deal with even worse deception—“phenomenon deception”.

The “phenomenon” ALWAYS LIES / DISTORTS – 100.0000000000000000000000000% of the time. Period.
You may think that you can trust your ‘source’ but you can’t.

This book should be required reading for all budding “UFO Prophets” and “hardcore investigators”:

Messengers of Deception

Now I’ve found if one is very careful.. almost like trying to observe a quantum effect without disturbing it.. and keeps oneself in a very tight grip.. it’s possible to observe some trends.. but any voices or visions or the like must be 100% discarded. They are pure BS.

This post comes as as result of about 50 years fighting this fight, both in the “spiritual” and the “UFO” realms, as it’s all just “spiritual” (laws of physics apply though).


Kevin Pretty Bear