An ATS post from one of the Tom DeLonge threads:

“I would just like to leave a thought in this thread, as it’s extremely apropos.

There is an unusual phenomena that sometimes arises here on planet Earth, and it’s been with us a very long time. Throughout history many people have claimed to understand it, and for the moat part have been wrong. You could call the phenomena religion if you wish, but that only captures some of it. You could call the phenomena deception if you wish, but it’s been more of a communciations mismatch. It’s a wild thing, as unpredictable as life itself.

I’m not going to get on a soapbox about the true nature of this phenomena in this post, but I wish to point out one thing.

If you think that you are communicating with someone who might be “in the know” about this subject, it might do you well to joke about the movie Ghostbusters and “choosing the form of the destructor”.

Or theorize that the great pyramid was a god-making machine.

Or discuss the “Lawrence Livermore Lab incident”.

Or mention PEAR.

Or discuss why physicists and letter agency people have at times been very interested in what shaman and similar folks have to say.

Or think about why the “Astr0” thread was so powerful, that it generated physical effects.

It’s all the same phenomena.

You’ll notice who perks up their ears with this kind of talk, if you know any interesting people.. even some of the past AMA guests have “perked up their ears”.

There is a reason. The cookie crumb trail is not that hard to follow; even Wikipedia gets it somewhat right.

[url=]Project Condign[/url]

Now there are multiple takeaways from this short article. But the one i wish to point out, is that there is an acknowledged phenomenon which at least at times, is psychoactive, and hooked into the human nervous system.

You note how the mentioned “buoyant plasma” (a “natural phenomena”) is said to appear as Black Triangle UFOs?

Doesn’t that strike you as a very bizarre thing to claim for a ‘natural phenomena’?

Reading between the lines, one might wonder if some of this “buoyant plasma” was not being heavily influenced by the particular shape and form of a “BTUFO” for some reason.

You see how the authors of that wikipedia entry are claiming that governments are attempting to weaponize the “buoyant plasmas” which often appear as BTUFO?

Seems to be a lot of interest in this “natural phenomena”.

But this little post is not intended to solve the worlds UFOlogy problem.

It’s intended to make one observation.

Whomever controls the dialogue about UFOs, “controls the form of the destructor”.

Whomever “controls the form of the destructor” thinks they can control the world, or perhaps just “save the world” or at best keep the world misdirected.. misdirected to keep seeing things in the sky that are more like the “Stay Puft Marshmallow man”, while they figure out how to weaponize the Phenomena.

This is why “disclosure” is meaningless in and of itself.

Various groups are trying to control the dialogue. Some religious (the Catholic Church). Some spiritual (various summoners I know who work for esoteric groups). And yes, the “government” in it’s extended form.

Anyone who can propose how to do this, and who brings some of their own money and fame to the table,
would be well received.

It’s as I said 2 years ago. The contents of the little red wagon are not that important sometimes.

It’s the red wagon that matters. That people are so desperate to control it.

Now, I’m not saying that TD won’t be a good thing.. it certainly could be.

But it’s the wagon that matters, not the contents; not the person hauling the wagon around.