I don’t get very excited by any of these famous cases in general, but i must say, that RFI is more interesting than most, as there is just that drop of “evidence” (Burrough’s injury that was acknowledged to be genuine and the cause is classified) PLUS while the whole thing is dripping with possible deception and misinformation,

it doesn’t SEEM to have been designed from the git go to be deception (i.e a psyop), but merely a cover-up AND possibly the witnesses got a bit fried by something that makes them hallucinate a bit.

So yes, this case ‘screams’ for a Project Condign type explanation.

Now I’m not saying there was a classical “UFO”. In fact I think it’s far more likely that there was some sort of “plasma” experiment in the area and/or it was a “natural plasma”.

I’m saying that it begs for a “cold dark plasma” effect (that’s probably what I should have been calling it for the past several years, to differentiate).

Cold in that it is at or near body temperature; so as to not freeze or burn, or it doesn’t interact with matter at all very much.
Dark as in not necessarily radiant, at least not all the time (I know that it was fairly radiant at RFI, but I have my reasons for saying Dark).
Plasma, simply meaning that there is some mixture of some sort of (probably for the most part) “exotic matter”) that also has free ions and electrons as part of the mixture.

With the characteristic that this effect/phenomenon either “leaps out of space/time” as if tangentially from another dimensional vector (as in the book “Flatland”) or again, interacts with matter in such a controlled matter, like say Neutrinos that can be made to pass through matter 100%, but then suddenly start interacting when so desired, as an example.
Or both.

That about sums it up in a coherent, not particularly “woo” manner.