I was talking to my friend Baddogma:

Whether it is a separate intelligence, nanocites from the singularity, energy critters or another level of our own consciousness is a fairly big question… if we even have something like our “own” consciousness, that is.

That encapsulates it pretty well. It’s hard to tell where the real boundaries are.

We humans tend to see things in term of objecs, not waves or process flows.

Until we can see things in such terms, we will be attempting to label things incorrectly.

And I don’t see why multiple factors from that list might not be in effect.

I mean, why not nannites composed of dark matter and energy systems
or the like being at the root of this?

I can’t think of one single reason why not.

When I had my “Black Triangle UFO” encounter, I either had a hallucination
/conversion disorder event, or I really DID have a bit of a conversation with
a “machine intelligence” aboard that craft. And it was lonely and wanted to
“talk to a shaman” as it had been “stuck” in the phenomenon for a long time.
Maybe “it” was yearning for it’s pre-singularity days.

I can’t say.

That “mystical visions” like of a Mckenna seems to ‘see’ “machine elves” might
be a huge clue..

Maybe there WERE “elves” here on this planet, but now they have gone through a
‘singularity’ event. Thus we now have lurking “machine elves”.

Who knows.

Perhaps these “machine elves” are looking for our help.. they don’t have the
answer either.. and that’s why they are using our brains as computers?

Who knows.

The best that I can do, or any of us can do, is to accumulate “hints” and not to
“take things too far” except when making theoretical models.

That’s the lesson that JV learned I’d say.

A wise man.