I’m thinking a lot about “post singularity machine elves” right now. Catchy, no?

In “Passport to Magonia” my favorite book of JV’s, other than perhaps
“Messengers of Deception”, the “faerie theory” gets a lot of discussion and it should..
modern UFO phenomena acts quite the same as old faerie tales. Only of course,
there is the massive confirmation bias about the ETH, so most people will NOT
discuss the whole truth of a high strangeness siting, and MUFON, etc. will not
post it—MUFON did “hide” more than 50% of my report to them.

It’s this self-censorship that has been destroying modern “UFO” research.

But anyway, back to Post Singularity Machine Elves.. 😉

In my theory, “coherent energy creatures” evolved from organic life on this
Earth. But it’s really hard to fill in a lot of details past that point.

Over time, it’s become obvious to me (subjective here), that these sentient
cold, dark plasma lifeforms (SCDPL) love to manipulate our raw emotions,
as that releases hormones which are capable of crossing the blood/brain
barrier and gives them access to our brains.

Now the adult form of life seems to have full access anyway.. perhaps
by direct access from “space/time” itself, from a tangential angle..

but apparently I’d say, that their “offspring” or “nascent” form in our
bodies can’t access our brains directly.. and need us to worship
them, be afraid of them (either works equally well to give brain
access) or even to love them, if done with ardor.

But back to our brains.

If indeed these “critters” were once “pre-singularity” but are now
“post-singularity”, well then they’d have needed to have invented

But if they are “energy critters” how would they do that?

Well if they invented AI, by “stringing together all our brains”
and then interacting with “that”, then that would be a form
of AI.

Then if they “linked with their AI creation”, then they would
by definition be “post-singularity”.

But what if they are “caught in the matrix” now.. with US
being the “matrix”.

(that being our brains are the computer hardware, and our
‘collective unconscious’ would be the insane ramblings
that tortures them and us.

Then perhaps they have “buyers” remorse.

Some of their species would want to destroy the evil matrix
(Us) by urging us towards destructive technologies such as
Nukes (that will get a rise out of some ATS people) while
others of their species are trying other techniques—such
perhaps has helping us to stop creating “monsters of the id”
in THEIR matrix (our 7 billion brains).

I’d like to get to a point where I can understand the
Phenomenon’s behavior.

Well that’s enough wild speculation for this installment.