Postive ions are atoms which have had electrons ripped off of them.
Negative ions are atoms which have extra electronis for a time.

Just like “smoke attracts spirits” in the Lakota system, I’d say that negative ions in the body “attracts spirits”. [smoke is also full of negative ions]

That’s why we are out of balance with our little friends..

Our homes and offices pollute us with positive ions.. cutting off a major source of communication with the critters we co-evolved with. This has probably made them confused and angry and psychotic.


Negative and Positive Ion Levels Measured in Various Locations

Negative Ions Positive Ions
Offices 70 1,400
Industrial Areas 50 300
Shopping Arcades 220 280
Residential Areas 200 180
Forests 2,500 800
Kowakidani Hot Spring 2,500 820
Near Minoh Waterfall 5,000 300

(These measurements were taken in Japan)