When i lived in Manteca, CA, where I encountered the BTUFO, quite interestingly I was in a cell-reception black hole.. I couldn’t get even 1 bar there. My mind keeps putting me back to that fact.

My mind also keeps reminding me that only when i have lived various places with poor cell reception or been in deep nature where there is none, do I seem to have access to the “woo” part of my personality.

(where i live now has great cell phone coverage.. i have little or no “woo access” here, which is fine.. I don’t really want any).

The following article provides interesting information:

The Truth about Faraday Cages

now from this article, “he discovered that placing a person in the cage increased their psychic ability significantly”

He being Puharich, not the best source I know!

I’ve never built a Faraday cage and tested the theory.. that is way too “tin foil hat” for my liking.. but i suppose I should consider it in the interests of science.

Kevin Pretty Bear