My personal take on this is that “IT” wants to terrorize people, to cause them to spike production of cortisol and other hormones. Cortisol can cross the blood brain barrier. Since IMHO “IT” gains access to us through the small junctures of such hormones, they need to frighten us to get access to our brains.

This coincides with my 50 years of the study of so-called “Kundalini” and other “mystical” mechanisms, which “IT” also caused to be socially engineered into us, to again, gain more access to our brains through “mystical experience”.

If you read about various encounters, both of so-called “UFOs” and “spiritual creatures”, you’d think that they could capture and kills us at will… but that would be counter-productive.. when they don’t want to harm us.. just scare us silly.. even “awe” would have a similar effect.

Kevin Pretty Bear