I was talking to my friend BadDogma about how “The Trickster/The Other” seems to ALWAYS smack around anyone who gets “too close” to actually figuring something out.
“Have You ever considered that “the other” actually lacks information that we assume it/they have?

God/angels/aliens are supposed to have the good info and we are supposed to be ignorant.


Religious books are 100% wrong. Channeling from aliens is 100% wrong. Even the best spirituality and mysticism is nearly entirely wrong.

Have you ever wondered why?

Well one answer is that all that stuff is 100% wrong to begin with.

But another more fun answer is that “it/they” don’t have many answers either…and purposely keep us off balance to get the answers for “it/them”.

Anyone who has potential, but refuses to maintain forward research progress..might be messed with to get them back to work.

Liminal types are mostly immune to this hazard as they don’t let themselves assume just one position on anything. Fellow tricksters are mostly immune to fellow tricksters.”

Kevin Pretty Bear