My buddy MIrageman on ATS asked me this, and this was my response:

“I have definite comments:

“Why would something mess with us just occasionally like a plaything?”
“Why is there nothing, after 70 years+ that can be considered conclusive proof? ”

1. We are play things.

2. I call this the “Star Wars Delusion” or “Delusions of Empire”. In short, since most or all “real UAP’s” are actually living beings that swarm together.. they do have some characteristics in common with humans.. namely they don’t have “one world government / empire” either.. they are bunches of individuals with individual agenda.

3. They seem photophobic, including a possible tie to sunspots/solar wind/gamma ray bursts – I’m thinking they have to doge these things.

4. They don’t like EM fields that humans generate.. so since we wash the planet with those.. they have to dodge those.

5. Same for Nuclear weapons / reactors would wigg them out.

6. Same as for stealth planes using plasma.. or plasma experiments.

(you notice that 4,5,6 are in plenty near military bases? And military bases near the ocean
would be even more of a tie-in.. as I think that some of them live under the water for
shielding purposes). Lots of people see “UFOs” near military bases.

7. At least some of them, at least some of the time, raise their young inside humans (anyone wigged out on religion or spirituality might be carrying one of their larval young in them). So if one of these individuals shows up somewhere, that might be all it takes to get “them” involved… as least as a triggering or additive factor.

8. These critters are at least partially transacting on the quantum level.. so since time works both directions in quantum mechanics sometimes, they might “know the future” and thus be masters at messing with us.”

Kevin Pretty Bear