This post is from an ATS post, where I was responding about the Bentwaters incident, and one person’s contention that nuclear ordinance had been interfered with, and that iron ore
had dripped from a “UFO” in the sky as a result of this interference:

“I’ve heard of molten metal from UAPs being analyzed before.. heck when I talked to Jacques Vallee we discussed one sample he had analyzed. I think that it’s generally aluminum alloy. Here is one link for example:…

Now I’d been thinking, that if our plasma civilization friends wish to be physically seen and touched, that materializing aluminum is as good a material as anything.. it’s light and strong. I can’t guess what the energy requirements would be to construct something like aluminium on the spot would be.. but it can’t be insignificant.

Now iron.. I don’t know what to say. I know all about nuclear reactors, but not much about nuclear bombs and bomb silos. I’ve never heard of any credible reports of the mass dematerialization of iron or anything else for that matter.

Of course there are stories about UAPs interfering with nuclear sites.. I have no idea if any of them are actually credible.

People assume that the “aliens” want to save us from ourselves, and are ‘helping us’ by interfering with nukes.. well that’s one theory.. but not one that i hold.

If anything, UAPs would be annoyed by highly enriched nuclear material and want to destroy it I’d imagine, just like so-called MIB are afraid of microwave ovens.

It must be hell on this planet these days, for “energy creatures” to withstand all this EM pollution and radioactive pollution.

That’s my take anyway. It’s my observation that “so called plasma lifeforms” are extremely shy about any form of radiation… and perhaps that’s why there are so many stories about meeting them way out in the middle of nowhere, where cell coverage is so faint, etc. And why there are stories about them coming from underground/underwater.. and my own observation that they most often come out at dusk and not one minute later.

Who knows. ”

Kevin Pretty Bear