This is a repost of a reply I made on ATS:

“I’m about to repeat myself. There are multiple layers of deception. There is “factual, non-subjective reality” sort of, but we seldom see that. Then there is what the other 96% of the Universe is up to (the Dark Engery/Dark Matter Civilizations). Then there are layers and layers of deluded “insiders” here on Earth. And below that layer, are the occasional mouth-pieces for the deluded insiders that come around and create “useful waves” in our culture.

I know that people are fascinated by alphabet agencies and google (refer to the previous) and “insiders” of high tech R&D collectives. So many people are so interested in what the “gubmint” is hiding about “disclosure” and all that sort of thing.

I of course welcome our upcoming AMA guest, and will find every word both said and not said utterly fascinating.

However my perspective is that since all human nervous systems are plugged into the framework where the “96% lives”, and that communication occurs bidirectionally (theoretically of course),

that what often is happening is NOT disclosure in any form; but rather the inverse.

We humans are being fed drips of modern mythology, UAP’s, UFOs, and our nervous systems are part of the giant global human neural network, which feeds back these seeds inserted into our programming, and the giant space brain which is the human race, outputs useful “work”.

If you feed enough ancient alien, UFO, UAP crap into us, then we “become that which we fear” and it becomes “more real”.

At one time, the Church filled everyone’s heads with demons, so people saw demons.

Before that, pagan folklore filled everyone’s heads with little people and what not — so people saw sylphs, faeries, etc.

Before that, people thought that the stars themselves were gods.. and the great human space brain (all of our minds influencing the background fields of physics.. not of “woo”) created powerful forces of mythology that have perhaps even left marks on our DNA…

We create what we are looking for.. our collective imaginations eventually give some bit of life to our wild fantasies.

Now how much of this is purely of our own doing? How much might be a result of subtle manipulation?

That’s always the question.

But what cracks me up.. is that the human deceivers.. the “insiders” and parts of the “letter agencies” and “R&D groups” are themselves pawns of their own nervous systems.. they know not why they do what they do… but they assume that THEY are the ones holding the cards and playing the games.

But they are the biggest fools of all. The manipulators who do not know that they are the manipulated.

At least your average ATS user knows that they are being manipulated.

This entire ‘control loop’ has been tested in the lab.. and has been verified to be reality to some degree.. both at Lawrence Livermore Lab (Read Forbidden Science Volumes I & II by Jacques Vallee), and also one must consider “Skinwalker Ranch” to be a modern mythological feedback test of the control loop as well.

This is why when I see some of the various famous threads come through ATS, I SOMETIMES see further testing being performed of this nature.

On the other hand, some of the famous threads and AMA guests are more straightforward and are simply awesome humans beings, who have worked their entire lives to uncover disinfo, and we are honored for them to visit.

It is for us on ATS to use our critical faculties and make the most of every opportunity to learn more.”

Kevin Pretty Bear