On some level, even ‘electrons’ seem to have a basic sentience is my view,
so we are talking about on the quantum level or below..

Now electrons that we generate by spinning magnetic fields past coiled wires
(power generation) or via EMF (radio broadcasts) would kill and strip out the
potential ‘sentience’ of the ‘electron’.

Only natural electrons and ions (like in isolated nature.. for example next to a
mountain stream) seem to have interesting properties.

Also, I’m not quite sure exactly what these “symbiotes” are composed of
(dangling participle).

One could say “room temperature cold plasma”, but I think that’s just one
of the layers of their ‘body”.

One can ‘hide behind’ so-called “dark matter / dark energy / dark plasma”
and I think ultimately that’s true.. but it’s like “quantum mysticism” – it
might be true.. but from the standpoint of science, it’s like the
“invisible pink flying unicorn in the garage” theory that Atheists

I DO NOT LIKE that I’m co-inventing an entire new mythos on this planet..
Jay Alfred started it all.. but I don’t agree with 90% of what he says..

Besides the “sentience” of “natural uncontaminated” “electrons, ions, magnetic fields,
and plasmas”..

I’m highly suspicious that ultimately there are something like primordial black holes
lurking near, at or below the Plank Length:

“A Planck length is 1.6 x 10^-35 meters (the number 16 preceded by 34 zeroes and a decimal point) — an incomprehensibly small scale that is implicated in various aspects of physics. The Planck length is far and away too small for any instrument to measure, but beyond that, it is thought to represent the theoretical limit of the shortest measureable length. According to the uncertainty principle, no instrument should ever be able to measure anything smaller, because at that range, the universe is probabilistic and indeterminate.”

Ref: http://www.livescience.com/23232-smallest-ingredients-universe-physics.html

So we may NEVER ‘catch the critters’ on their ultimate home turf.. but we may be able to prove their existence with the side effects of their behavior.

But then again.. since time may be completely irrelevant at the quantum level, the ‘critters’ may have all of eternity to ‘see us coming and stay hidden’ if that is indeed their wish.

Or this is all my own craziness with no merit whatsoever.. and/or some combination therein.

Kevin Pretty Bear