Here’s the challenge for “spirituality”;

It’s all rather a side effect of quantum mechanics.

In quantum mechanics, you have strange entanglements.

Say you have two particles.

They may become ‘entangled’ (they are linked via one or more properties) until
they decohere (their quantum state is messed up by entropy).

But in a way, even then, their “history of interaction” is never destroyed..

Each moment of time is “conserved” (as in matter/energy are conserved).

The set of properties of these two particles interacting is both temporary and permanent.

Both “real” and “seemingly illusory”.

So our challenge..

Is to not cling to moments in time.. as the properties of those moments are transitory.

But the history is permanent.

The future itself is permanent.

“Freedom” comes from not clinging to transitory states .. as you get stuck in a rut (illusion).

But if you become a “mushroom head” as I call full-time “nondualists” (hippies if you like)

then you also “lose information”.

It is ALSO a mistake to become “high on impermanence”.

It is good to know the pieces too (matter/energy/symbiotes/Lowerverse/Oververse, whatever)

as those are sets of properites too.. “stories”.

Nothing wrong with researching Kundalini say.

Or UFOs.

Nothing at all.

Just remain aware, that you are enjoying an impermanent story.

The impermanence is a part.

The “permanence” (the sum-total of all transitory properties across all times)
is also “real” – in fact perhaps the most real of all..

But humans do not have the ability to “see the permanence”.

Thus it makes the most sense to become comfortable with the seeming impermanence,
while enjoying what small patterns which become evident, symptomatic of the
actual, “impossible to encompass” permanence.

Kevin Pretty Bear