What amuses me, is that there is no discernible difference in content between
“channeled messages” purportedly from “mystic masters” and “UFO collectives”.

Now one could say that is proof the human imagination is the true source, as both
message types are reflective of an uneducated human mind.

Or of course there is the possibility that the same sort of “lying lifeforms” are
behind both types of messages.. if indeed any lying lifeforms are involved
at all.

Or both.

But in any case, not one single useful ‘fact’ has ever been conveyed to the
human race, either by “channeling” or “divine inspiration” (religion), at
least IMHO.

If religion, spirituality and “channeling” / UFOs were so wonderful, why
then has the world never received the tiniest tangible benefit of any
kind whatsoever.. but rather instead, all the gargle rot has just made
things worse.

Rather than rolling up our sleeves and doing the hard work of improving
things, all this mental / emotional programming keeps us prisoner of the
failed thoughts and actions of the past.

Kevin Pretty Bear