I have been saying “souls” are the root of evil in the world, and I know that’s provocative.

Now, I wish to see if you understand my points / disagree / and to let me amplify a bit.


From a very Earthy perspective, would you agree, that not trashing the planet, not running it out of oxygen, not destroying all life on it (we are undergoing the 6th great mass extinction, the Anthropocene), not having global wars would be a “good” thing?

Would you agree that when people fantasize about things they don’t really understand, and then start wars over them, rather than taking care of the Earth, our life support system, that, that would be “bad”?

Would you agree that when people obsess about their “souls” (whatever those might be) and obsess about “Heaven”, that perhaps all that ferocious intellectual and emotional energy might be well used to reverse all the damage that we are doing here on Earth?

Would you agree, that if one’s view is “only the soul and heaven matters”, that is quite problematic? ESPECIALLY if it’s not proven to be true? Or even likely to be true?

If “Heaven and the Soul” is penultimate, but “god” doesn’t clearly communicate the rules, then if that’s actually how it is, then wouldn’t that make “god” and “asshole”? There are 7 billion+ people on this Earth, and all 7 billion+ have a different opinion on “Heaven and Souls”. Now how does that help anyone? How does that help us work together?

One might even postulate that there is a conspiracy or a “control loop” in operation. What do you say about that?

—- end of questions— please answer all of them—

Now.. I have nothing against “souls”. I’d say that we are part of the life-cycle of a greater life / The Universe.

Souls have a place. Not for “us” necessarily, but a place.. and I think a very good one.

Whatever grand plan has us creating souls with our bodies is “behind the veil”.

I think that we have no choice but to play along.. it’s our purpose.

But what we don’t have to do.. is to build toxic souls that hate and destroy and which are full of
fanciful ideas which just aren’t true. “God” is not an “asshole”.

Personally I think that “we” are rooted in “Overworld” in a manner of speaking.. just not through “souls”. But of course we die.. our hatred of broccoli does not go to “overworld”, nor our “child abuse”.

If you strip out all the negative from us, there is nearly nothing left; as “Love” and “Imagination” might be considered to be universal, and not “us” at all.

In the end, you come to realize like an enlightened Buddhist might realize, that there is no “us” “here”, it’s just the Universe going about it’s business.

If you are a pure Buddhist anyway.. I have a little more to say than that.

I hope this post was helpful.

Kevin Pretty Bear