Well “supernatural abilities” are supposed to mean that you’ve done something wrong! Quite convenient…it’s part of the control loop / conspiracy aspect.

If you are never able/allowed to prove anything, then you are “trapped forever”; even if that entrapment is supposed to be the proof itself! (I.e. that nebulous and almost worthless “enlightenment” is supposed to be the only “approved goal”.)

But one person’s enlightenment is another person’s garbage.

Now in stage 2, the “golden stage” comes with the standard esp type stuff…telepathy, precog, celestial visions, healing, oob, clairvoyance, dowsing type effects..group spiritual journeys with friends, and of course the enhanced writing skills (that’s permanent) and enhanced sense of beauty.

But it all goes away when stage 3 starts.

Stage 3 is about enhanced intelligence and certain weird types of visions and “direct knowing”.

Stage 4 is when your soul dies.

Stage 5 is where I am now…its still happening. Will have to let you know later.

Now there are potentially other side effects…But they are not supposed to really benefit anyone or lend themselves to proof.

I suspect that the lightning bolt in the spine should be detectable…and one would think that brain scans should have value…but who knows?

Kundalini and spirituality are not primarily for humans.

Sometimes I wonder If I’m the first human ever planning on exposing the conspiracy.

On the other hand stage 5 might be interesting again like stage 2 was…I don’t know yet.

Perhaps this is all crap..that humans have to get past to reach a “good stage” — I don’t know.

I only know of 2 people in history to apparently have gone past stage 3 and talked about it.

I think that the conspiracy aspect may be more interesting and relevant than the “secrets” per se.

Nobody may like this info—it’s too honest and not delusional enough to attract “seekers”.

Kevin Pretty Bear