I’ve been working with the “symbiote/parasite model” for something like 4 years with any clarity at all. I was “on the trail of it” before that, for some time, but I was still making the mistake of calling “them” “chakras”.

The whole model, and the implications have only been becoming relatively clear since I met and married my wonderful wife, for reasons I won’t go into.

Well this last conversation with Peeple on the topic has brought a critical piece of the whole thing into light, which has MUCH explanatory power.

The question has been:

“why do channeled beings and “aliens” and “what not” always tell such crazy stories, and even lie it seems”?

Well certainly some “sources” might indeed be malicious and lie outright and knowingly.. not saying that doesn’t happen.

But the one word in the discussion with Peeple really struck me.


So to put it crudely and inaccurately, if all humans are “connected” via their “lower chakras”, and perhaps even “connected” via their “lower chakras” to critters (maybe imps if you are ‘evil’) or to “UFOs” (if you are a crazy person) or just to “tulpas” if you are a religious person..

if you are connected.. not necessarily “directly”.. but via “many hops” like in a distributed computer network, for whatever reason (what if we all have to do the cell phone tower method.. where tower talks to tower which talks to tower).

Then you put in the paper tube in the ear game..

And what starts out as “so, Kundalini works this way..” becomes “Donald the duck doesn’t like to work” by the time it gets to the other end (at least sometimes)…

That would explain all the perpetual confusion in the world.. it would perhaps “explain most things”.

The “Gossiping Parasite (Symbiote) Model” could explain all of the following:

1) Religion
2) Spirituality
3) Shamanism
4) UFOs
5) Skinwalker Ranch
6) Why we are stuck in an endless, confused, deadly loop of history

You could explain shades (pieces of “us” are stored in the symbiotes of the still living)
You could explain reincarnation (similar to above)
You could explain many “UFOs” (symbiotes sense it and feed it to you)
You could explain 2 people seeing different “UFOs” in the same instant (symbiotes disagree on what they see)

Just try it..

I’m not saying that there are not other things to understand.. other pieces.. but try it..
The Gossiping Symbiote Model can explain so much..

especially since those Symbiotes are processing electromagnetic energy at all times..and are at the “quantum level”.

Kevin Pretty Bear