I’ve noticed that the people who chase “spirituality” are those who are more broken than most. It’s rather like people who choose the career field of psychology. Anyone who is a psychologist is probably “self-medicating” and is the last person you should be around.

The same is true of spirituality.

Now mind you, some people chase spirituality, (or psychology) and find some healing.

Spirituality is in fact like drinking poison; if it doesn’t kill you, it might make you stronger.

Or it just might kill you.

I was watching Netflix “House of Cards” last night with my wife. In it, the main character says,
“If you don’t like how the table is set… reset it”.

That is the very nature of “spirituality”.

Now of course, some folks like the Zen practitioners, advaitists (nondualists), etc. play
the game of ensuring that they like the table just as it is..

which is still a way to reset the table (those grapes are NOT sour! those grapes are NOT sour!).

I’m finding that I do not wish to push “my stuff” on anyone.

I’m finding that I do not wish to be all positive.

I’m finding that I do not wish to be all negative. (though it may seem that way).

Do i think that much of spirituality is a conspiracy? Yes.. but i won’t harp on that excessively.

I don’t want to tell people what to do, or what not to do.. for the most part.. but i do want
to advise them, so that perhaps they won’t be as bone-headed as I was.

So I’m learning towards naming the book,

“Surviving Spiritual Experience”.

Kevin Pretty Bear