My ancestors the Lakota Sioux Indians would summon spirits by using smoke, especially pipe smoke.

Apparently us moderns summon spirits with pollution, a large portion of which is measured in terms of particulate matter (PM) of the 2.5 and 10 micrometer size range.

Modern people do not like talking about “spirits”, but are fond of using another name for them, namely “UFOs”.

I do not completely understand why “spirits” (plasma creatures) are attracted to smoke, other than the fact that plasma generally has small particulate matter in it too..which is generally composed of charged particles.. and those small smoke particles may even be near the limit of where quantum effects may be noticed in the “macro” world.

Funny thing, how those old shaman were working physicists and not just ignorant natives.

I’d also like to mention in passing, that “spirits” don’t seem to like the sun, and many of them only come out at dusk. It seems that they like diffuse light, but not direct light; which if they are truly “energy creatures” would make sense.. the sun is a giant microwave..but diffuse light might be “yummy”.

Kevin Pretty Bear